I hate my job as a startup CEO, and I want to quit and do something else

I want to quit and do something else. Yet I’m afraid I’ll let down the company, as there’s no obvious successor and I’m the only founder. Plus, it’ll be harder to keep raising. The last round happened only because I convinced investors I’m super-committed. Yet I hate my job, I don’t want to be a CEO, I’m fed up with constant stress, plus I want a career in a different field. It’d be easier if the company was failing but this bloody thing keeps growing up and to the right year-on-year, which doesn’t help.

Realistically, if everything goes to plan, we’ll be ready to sell in about 2–3 years for a good amount of money. But when I think about doing that, and then about a possible earnout, I want to vomit. Is this how I want to spend my thirties? In front of a laptop, with something new being fucked up every day, as Brad Feld says?

I’ve thought for more than a week about this question, and concluded it’s too hard for a short answer. So I’ve written this Medium article as a first attempt.

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